The objective of the KP Designs with Me community is to improve the quality and care experience Kaiser Permanente provides to members. This online community is comprised of members and caregivers who help Kaiser Permanente better understand what works and what can be improved so we can work together to develop the best solutions.

Participants of the community share their thoughts and opinions about what works well and what could work better for people receiving health care services. Together with staff and providers, participants help Kaiser Permanente define what is important and valuable for patients and families, identify key needs and expectations and together develop solutions to improve health care and experience.

Example activities include participating in online forum meetings and surveys. We may also do one-on-one interviews or telephone calls. We may ask you, depending on your availability, to engage in testing solutions with us.

This online community was built for people who are willing to discuss their experiences candidly and productively and to co-develop solutions with Kaiser Permanente.

Working side-by-side with leadership, physicians, department administrators, and staff; your opinions and experiences will make an impact across a wide range of issues to provide the highest level of care to our members.

The KP Designs with Me community